WordPress Website Security Expert Service


This WordPress Website Security Expert Service will 100% protect your website from being attacked by hackers. We will build a security feature on your WordPress site.

So you are running a website but you haven’t secured it.
What if someone Puts a deface page on your site or redirects your site to another URL?

Don’t worry I’m Here to Secure WordPress websites & i can also Recover websites & kick Hacker

I Will Create a Strong shield for you against hacking attacks:

☑ Secure your admin panel.
☑ Hide your Admin URL.
☑ Save you from brute Force attacks.
☑ Hide Directories for your site so none could check what files you have in Cpanel.
☑ Disable file editing without permission so virus codes can’t be injected.
☑ Solve 404 page not found error for Security.
☑ 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed.
☑ Malware Removal & Files Cleanup of WP sites.
☑ Backdoor, Phishing Scripts & SEO Spam Removal
☑ Fix WordPress Errors
☑ Restore Defaced WP Sites
☑ Google Blacklist/ Red Warning Screen Removal
☑ Upgrade Existing Plugins & WP Installation
☑ WordPress Site Clean Backup and many more.
☑ 24/7 Support. | info@sproutelixir.com

I will give you the results within 24-48 hours.

So Don’t worry, we’ll handle the whole website cleaning and restoration for you while you focus on the things that matter to your business.

If you are already hacked by any hacker you lost access to WordPress admin panel passwords changed etc.
Then I Will Also Clean websites from hackers by removing their malicious files and codes.
Looking forward to providing you with quality service by Securing your WordPress
Please Feel free to contact me in your inbox for any queries it would be a pleasure for me to help you thanks.



Our Task

Our assigned expert will log in to your hosting account, create an FTP account for us to use and begin.
We make a duplicate of all your website files and from there, our programs scan and analyze all of your files.
Our programs find ALL malicious code, even zero-day infections.

Our systems also download your log files so they can be analyzed to see how your site was infected.
Then We know what to do to protect your site moving forward.

Also included is adding Content Security Policy and other security headers to keep your sites malware free.
Check your site now on securityheaders.com. You’re probably at an “F”. I can get you an “A” or “A+” rating – FAST!

Our services cover your website for an entire year. We will also be monitoring your website for the whole
year should in case there are any file changes on your web server.

The price includes all websites on a single shared hosting account. ALL malware was removed, root cause analysis AND we add Content Security Policy headers.

Your site will go from an “F” to an “A” or “A+” on the securityheaders.com rating.

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