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What We Can Do For You (Briefly About The Process Of Wikipedia Page Creation):

  • First, I’ll check if your project is eligible for Wikipedia. We’ll evaluate your chances most professionally and answer all your questions BEFORE WE START. We will do it for free because THE MAJOR REQUIREMENT OF WIKIPEDIA is VERIFYING YOUR CITATIONS AND REFERENCES and it would be a waste of your money and my time to proceed (Please, be aware of any “experts” who agree to create a page for you right away because if you don’t have enough references and citations, Wikipedia will eventually remove your article).
  • Second, once your notability is established, We will offer you a roadmap or a detailed strategy for creating/editing a successful article, specifically for YOUR PROJECT.


In most cases, my work would include:

  1. Validating citations and references for your project’s biography (We do this before hiring, but we also look for more references and citations once hired).
  2. Modifying your draft (or creating a new one) by Wikipedia guidelines.
  3. Creating an Infobox, Sections, and Categories for your article to give it a more appealing and professional appearance, as well as link the biography to verifiable sources of information (citations and references).
  4. Consulting and assisting in overcoming copyright issues for image uploading.
  5. Encoding all of the information in Wikipedia code in the article backstage.
  6.  Linking your page to other relevant Wikipedia articles for the best Google Search SEO results (this is critical).
  7. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Patrolling your article for the next three months after it is published to address and resolve any questions or concerns raised by other Wikipedia Editors. We always do our best to keep YOUR PAGE in good condition after publishing it during its most vulnerable period. Please, feel comfortable asking any questions before hiring me.
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